Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Profanity rule aimed at wrong folks

I don't agree with the N.C. High School Athletic Association's proposal to fine schools whose student-athetes use profanity on the field.

First of all, this puts an awful burden on the game officials. If a kid gets in an official's face and curses him out, that's one thing. But officials already have to deal with enough without monitoring what a kid says under his breath when he drops a pass.

Secondly, the association is targeting the wrong crowd. When a player drops an F-bomb on the field, few people hear it. When an entire student section unleashes a chant with the initials BS, as Sun Valley's students did in consecutive September football games, dozens of little kids and others can hear it loud and clear.

It's also dubious to take money away from the schools for such a matter. Judging by the aggressive fundraising of many area high schools, they need all the money they can get to run efficient sports programs. -- Ryan Basen


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no need for profanity in ANY High School sports.

Profanity like too many other things our society has just come to accept is something that can and should be addressed.

Where is the leadership quality in blasting out some form of profanity when there is a dropped pass or a botched play?

I do not agree that the first one to hit the hip for a fine should be the schools. How about the parents of the player that said it?

Put the responsibility back in the home where kids should be taught the proper way respond to any situation.

Again we are looking to the schools to take responsibility and again pay the price for raising kids today.

Christopher Wall

Anonymous said...

I have personally witnessed on multiple occasions where the coaching staff are cursing at these kids at practice and games.

If they want to enforce a "No Profanity" rule, then they need to start with the coaches.

Anonymous said...

Stupidest thing i have ever heard lets put them in dresses while youre atit this is football.In the heat of the moment it happens as long as you are not cursing out a referee or approaching another player.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it`s a good move on the part of the NCHSAA. It will only take a short period of time for everyone to adjust but this will work to stop some of the needless actions between players. Coaches will have to be held at a higher standard and in the long run in my opinion High School athletics will be better for all concerned.

Kevin said...


High school football players using profanity???


"Aggressive fundraising" Fund-Razing starts in the 4th grade(4th, 5th ,6th, 7th, 8th *Ka-Ching* $275.00 X 200 kids = $55,000+ this is only from the middle school football, the funds go to the high school!).

It's obvious Ryan hasn't been around even middle school football. Typical Charlotte Observer work. Don't ya' just love it!