Monday, September 24, 2007

Little e and other cool stuff

Hop-scotching around high school football:

  • One little “e” - and we don’t mean the NASCAR driver - is making readers pay close attention. There is South Point, in Belmont, an N.C. 3A school. Then there’s South Pointe, a Rock Hill school that plays in 4A. They both wear red. They’re both contenders.
  • Speaking of confusion: How about next summer, someone organizes a scrimmage that includes Hickory Ridge, Porter Ridge and Marvin Ridge? Round out the field by inviting Cedar Ridge (it’s in Hillsborough).
  • I heard two cool nicknames at last weekend’s games. West Charlotte receiver Bobby Grier is called “Lights Out.” It fits, as Grier is one of the state’s top track sprinters. When he gets the ball in the open field, it’s well, lights out. West Rowan defensive tackle Matt Sheets is called “Blob.” Don’t snicker. The blob can move - he recovered a fumble for a touchdown in the 26-17 victory against Statesville on Friday.

Two underdogs you can’t help but root for:
  • Garinger on a 51-game slide which it’s surely tired of hearing about. The Wildcats got the geese problem fixed at their stadium, in time to host Hopewell at 7 p.m. Friday. On the downside, Garinger has been shut out four times in five games.
  • Monroe Central Academy, playing its first varsity season, is 0-5 and has been outscored 277-0.

Loved the quote by Myers Park coach Jim Ruark, when asked about an onside kick early in the second quarter:

“We don’t play this game to lose. We don’t play it to just be out here. We play it to win.”

-- Cliff Mehrtens