Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Butler-Indy fans can't wait for Nov. 2

It looks like the Butler-Independence rivalry, which is the best in the state right now, is off to an early start.

More than two months before the teams meet in November at Memorial Stadium, students, former students and players are pounding FaceBook with posts about who's going to win. As I write this, it's five pages and more than 200 posts deep, sometimes nasty.

Alex from N.C. State (and apparently an Indy grad) writes:
"Butler beating Independence would not be the biggest high school football upset Charlotte had ever seen. If Butler is as good as all you Butler people say, it wouldn't even be that big an upset period. If some school like Garinger were to beat Independence it would be the biggest upset, way bigger. Butler winning is just the second best team beating the best team."

Nicole from Mint Hill counters:

"Anyone who keeps talkin', it's only making our team stronger. Butler has never beaten us and never will. Keep in mind we lost to someone out of state. I bet these lame teams in North Carolina can't beat us, Butler and all."

But my personal favorite is from the guy who says the game won't make the paper. Yeah, right.


Andrew said...

Just so there is no confusion, Butler has beaten Independence once, in 1999 in 4OT at Butler...great game.

Anonymous said...

Just so there is no confusion, Butler doesn't care about the past. Can't do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future. That's why they play the games...see ya Nov. 2nd!

JG said...

If Independence players didn't use steroids then they would of lost to Butler a long time ago. Half of their players are not even zoned to go to Independence. They are more like a prep school. Butler will get there win this year. You can count on it. The pee yellow and dirty green of the big I are goin down.

Anonymous said...

Even though I knew Anthony Carrothers in Middle School and High School years together, he will makes some big plays for Indy. When he played for Vance he almost beat Indy last year nowhe screwed up this year losing to Elders. Ant needs to do something so he won't screw it up again. Butler's a talented school with the ten threats signing off for college. They have chance again to prepare who they are. There will be some changes on the field on Nov. 2. THE BEST TWO TEAM ON N.C. STARTS TODAY!!!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing for or against either school; didn't go to nor play against either. Having said that: The little I is going down this year to Butler. For the past 7 yrs I have always thought something hinky is going on in Mint Hill. All these good high school teams in the Charlotte area and only 1 keeps winning. Then all the kids in the world have to go to Indy? When the NCHSAA investigates and finds violations, all you Indy fans can say Good-bye to that record (it will no longer be recognized), those championships (they'll be forfeited), and the program itself (death penalty of no football for 5 years @ Indy). If no violations, well you got away with it. At any rate, BUTLER WINS and I'll be there, partying with kids half my age. SH** on Independence!

mya said...

Friday night on November 2nd the Bulter vs Independence game was amazing I think everyone was pretty much cheering for the Bulter Bulldogs I know alot of people are saying and spreading rumors like the only reason Bulter won and Independence lost was because their head coach wasnt there but thats not even the case he was suspended for a reason and during Thursday night football with jv Bulter still beat Independence with our without their coach I think over the last years Independence just cant accept that fact that Bulter had beaten them