Friday, September 21, 2007

Big Scare for Butler QB Charest

Somewhere about 9 o'clock Friday night, Illinois coach Ron Zook got a heart palpitation he couldn't explain.

Down in southeast Charlotte, star recruit Jacob Charest, Butler High's 6-foot-2 strong-armed quarterback, fell to the ground in the middle of Butler's 49-7 win over Ardrey Kell.

Butler was in a dogfight. The Bulldogs were ahead 14-7 and Kell had just fumbled at Butler's 9.

Charest, a top 20 national recruit at his position, found himself scrambling and saw teammate Mickey Brewer ready to throw a block. Brewer threw the block and it sent a Kell defender right into the front of Charest's left knee, which turned red as an apple.

"I was so scared," Charest said, "because it hurt so bad. It felt like I hit my funny bone in my arm, but it was my knee. It was terrible."

Charest laid on the ground, with trainers and his parents surrounding him. Everyone was huddled so tightly around him that it looked like six people warming their hands over a campfire in Alaska.

Luckily, Charest gingerly walked off the field under his own power in about five minutes -- and the Butler crowd went wild.

Junior quarterback Mick Zubel came in and handed off twice and Robert Boykin and Kenneth Boulware gained 7 and 34 yards and Butler scored to go up 21-7. The game was over and on Butler's next series, Charest came in and rolled to his right -- showing no signs of injury -- and snapped off a 14-yard pass to Boykin and then a 15-yard scoring pass to Mickey Brewer.

He looked OK. Bulldogs coach Mike Newsome said it's likely a bruised knee. Independence lost star tight end Mario Carter with a knee injury to start the season and the Patriots offense hasn't been the same. Butler is lucky Charest will be back. And he plans to get his team -- which struggled after struggling in Monday's loss to West Charlotte -- playing better.

"I've got to get these guys going," he said. "It's on me. We'll get this fixed."

Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

Wheew Jakes a tough kid happy to hear
he is okay.I like the way he has taken on a leadership role.

Anonymous said...

Illinois fans are breathing a bit easier right now. Whew.

Anonymous said...

Butler is up 21 - 7...why in the world would you put your star QB back in the game? Especially since your backup QB just ran 2 plays for a score!!