Friday, August 10, 2007

Pigskins, Mustangs and ....Mules?

Some quick preseason football observations after touring the 10 Lake Norman-area schools (Catawba Bandys, East Lincoln, Hopewell, Lake Norman, Mooresville, North Lincoln, North Mecklenburg, South Iredell, SouthLake Christian and Statesville):

- Most unusual scene: As the Bandys bigs banged into each other in the corner of the school’s practice field, two mules appeared from the woods and watched from behind a fence.

- Best practice uniforms: East Lincoln Mustangs. The green and orange color scheme makes it feel like a practice at Coral Gables – except for the whole lack of palm trees and sandy beaches.

- Best overheard exchange: "You’re walking around like you’ve been shot," said an assistant coach to an injured player limping around the field in a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.
"It’s a pimp walk, coach," the player replied.

- Most commonly used coach-ism: "Atta baby."

- Most overheard player remark: "It’s (expletive) hot."

- Funniest coach-ism: "Don’t look at him like he’s magical, knock him off the ball."

- Funniest coach-ism that the vast majority of players likely didn’t understand: From the same coach as the previous quote to his kicker who boomed a ball out of reach of everyone during a kickoff return drill: "Maybe Garo Yepremian won’t kick this one 80 yards."

- Worried about swirling rumors, most coaches acted very cautiously when talking about players who transferred to their school. After mentioning the players, they were usually quick to add that the player’s family lived nearby.

- East Lincoln coach Mike Byus and Bandys coach Randy Lowman have to be sweating, even if they didn’t admit it. At Bandys, senior running back LeQuan McCorkle tweaked a hamstring while running a wheel route and sat out the rest of practice on Monday. At East Lincoln, senior running back Adrian Forney nursed an injury suffered while playing in summer basketball leagues, Byus said. The two, who both had 1,000-plus yards last year, could post monster seasons this year if they remain healthy.

- The biggest hitter in the area might roam the secondary for North Lincoln. Senior safety Eddie Guzman hammered two of his own teammates in the span of a couple plays during live drills on Wednesday. "He’s bad news," said admiring North Lincoln coach Matt Beam.

- East Lincoln junior wide receiver Keith Rendleman might have the most potential of any player in the area. At a legitimate 6-foot-5 since last year, Rendleman is growing into his frame. Playing basketball (he averaged 15 and 10 as a sophomore and spent part of this summer playing in an AAU tournament in Florida) will only help his coordination. -- Dan Tierney


Anonymous said...

Chris Gilbert from Hopewell is THE BEST ATHLETE in the Lake Norman area, one of the best in Mecklenburg. He's an athlete playing QB, and will be a D-1 wr or db. To not have him on your preseason All Lake Norman team is a joke! He'll be a MECA-6 Player of the Year candidate. He also has the most potential of any athlete in the area. He's also one of the fastest kids in the state by the way.