Friday, August 10, 2007

Nothing fishy about Indy-Catholic scrimmage

I heard a few people phoned CMS officials Friday morning to report that Independence and Charlotte Catholic were having an illegal scrimmage.

Just not true.

You may recall that Thursday night, CMS canceled all scrimmages until Saturday.

Teams were allowed to practice today from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. as usual. Late last night, Independence coaches contacted Vicki Hamilton, CMS athletics director, and got the OK to have a scrimmage at Catholic today.

The difference was, unlike Thursday's scheduled scrimmage which was canceled, there would not be any officials.

N.C. High School Athletic Association rules say teams can have seven hours of scrimmages before regular season play. Two of those seven hours have to be with uniformed officials.

Since Catholic and Independence have later scrimmages scheduled with officials, them having what amounted to an open practice today was fine.

This was a long way from what we would've seen Thursday. Only one extra point was tried. There were no kickoffs or punts. Each team got to run 10 straight offensive plays three times.

It was like a jamboree with two teams. By the way, Butler and Olympic did the same thing Friday morning.

-- One thing I liked seeing today at the scrimmage and one thing I noticed:

I noticed how the Independence guys showed so much love openly for their teammate, tight end Mario Carter, after Carter appeared to suffer a season ending knee injury. Carter is expected to miss two weeks with a dislocated kneecap.

The Patriots, most teary eyed, were hugging each other and dedicated their season to Carter. "We're a big family," quarterback Anthony Carrothers said.

Maybe, but there was definitely a togetherness I didn't always see last year.

-- I liked seeing how the Catholic kids came over, as a group, to check on Carter and hugged some of the Independence kids. Catholic even got together in a team huddle and broke it by screaming "MARIO!"

It was a great, great show of sportsmanship by both teams.

-- Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

Hope the injury isn't too serious. I applaud the Charlotte Catholic fans, who were a classy opposing crowd as usual.

Anonymous said...

so who won?

Anonymous said...

your mom won

Anonymous said...

"...Charlotte Catholic fans, who were classy opposing crowd as usual."

Huh? What charlotte catholic are we talking about? They were always the dirtiest team we played all season (a product of their fans). That made it all the more fun to pummel them every year. Up until two or three years ago, catholic couldn't field a team that could compete with CD

1998 CD 29 CC 0
1999 CD 36 CC 0
2000 CD 51 CC 14*

* 14 points were 4th quarter scrub points

Anonymous said...

the dirtiest team? how? im so glad i dont go to country day.

Anonymous said...

all the CD queers are just mad because their fans suck! they were never awarded the best college-like atmosphere to watch a highschool football game on friday nights. nice try with the pink posse or whatever you queers call your fans

Anonymous said...

"Im so glad i dont go to country day"

Well the world needs ditch diggers too

Anonymous said...

cook cup champs 2006...i think thats all i need to say

Anonymous said...

"up until two or three years ago, catholic couldn't field a team to compete with CD"

Then why is the series tied up at 23 and 23?

Anonymous said...

The size of the crowds tells the whole story. Catholic brings a crowd 2 to 3 times the size of CD's entire fanbase, often having to turn people away at the gates for bigger games in order to stay in line with fire codes (at a larger stadium than CD's).

Basically all CD has to brag about is a bunch of powder-puff independent titles (try winning a few in the public division) and some wins against bad CC teams during the '80s and '90s.

Anonymous said...

I played for Catholic from 81-85. We were 3-1 the four years I was there against Country Day. The last two years were victories-
41-7 and 37-0.
Just a little history.


Anonymous said...

whoever made the ditch diggers comment must not know how much cd costs. and by the day will play any public school anywhere, thats why the bucs schedule has harder 4A public schools on it unlike Latin, Christian and PD who play teams that are terrible. It is common knowledge that CD coach Bob Witman tries to get Indy to scrimmage CD...think before you make idiot comments like that.

Anonymous said...

"whoever made the ditch diggers comment must not know how much cd costs. "

I did go to cd, and i do know how much it costs. The comment was in reference to the individuals who "were so glad they didn't go to cd". The world needs THEM for custodial duties.

Anonymous said...

^ Way to reinforce a stereotype.

Anonymous said...

Now hold on one minute... I love how catholic talks like the big badasses they think they are when they have a weaker confrence than CD.... they play crap teams like Waddell, and Weddington... if they came to the independent schools confrence they would get their asses kicked every year by CD than latin just like in 06....

Anonymous said...

Independent schools are stronger than 4A publics? I'm sorry, that's just a joke. A couple of indy teams like CD and Latin might be able to post an average record in a public conference, but the rest would get steamrolled on a weekly basis. Why do you think the same 2 or 3 teams are winning state championships year after year? It certainly isn't because there's parity or competition in the indy conferences.

Catholic has trounced both Latin and CD more often than not over the past several years -- excepting last year when they had a streak of injuries and inconsistency -- and is favored to do so again this year. They'd be almost guaranteed an undefeated record if they had an independent schedule.