Wednesday, August 22, 2007

N.C. football FINALLY gets some national respect

North Carolina has long been known for its high school basketball strength and has been considered especially weak in prep football.

Funny, but now N.C. basketball is down from years past (I cannot figure out why) and N.C. football is on the rise.

The national media is finally taking notice.

In Sports Illustrated's preseason rankings, Independence is ranked No. 6 in the country and Butler is No. 25. No S.C. teams are ranked.

Independence starts the season No. 3 in USA Today's national poll.

Given that Indy and Butler are both in the Southwestern 4A, it says wonders about how tough that conference is.

And there's this: if both teams stay unbeaten, we could have a national showdown when Butler and Independence meet on Nov. 2.

So let me start beating my drum now. I want to see the teams move that game to Thursday Nov. 1, so everyone in the area can see the game and not choose between the heavyweight championship showdown and their own local team's game on Friday, Nov. 2.

The teams cannot play Saturday because the N.C. High School Athletic Association puts together playoff pairings on that Saturday and Indy-Butler would hold up the state.

So let's play it Thursday -- and everybody come watch.

Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

Langston, as an olympic fan, I want to see the Butler game, too. I support your Thursday idea. Think CMS would make a change like that that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I dare Butler and Indy to bring it across state line to Gaffney or Summerville.

Anonymous said...

LW, I LOVE the Thursday idea. I wonder if the state would allow it. They seemed hellbent on preventing ESPN from showing the game last year.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you ever been to an Independence home game? Why is it that one of the state's largest schools that has such a streak going is half to two thirds full on the home side. Three games over two seasons and the same each time.

PrepNationSports said...

This is Jamie DeMoney from

I just wanted to point out that I ranked Indpendence at No. 7 in the National Prep Poll and Butler at No. 32 in the preseason Power 50 rankings that I did for RISE Magazine's national prep football preview publication.

There's more respect out there than you might think. Including from the guy who publishes the first rankings of the season. You know, the one all the other pollsters look at while they are doing their rankings.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Thursday will work either. What about the JV games that are being played on Thursday. It is not fair to say they are not important!

Anonymous said...

LW, love the Thursday idea man. I'm a Myers Park booster and parent and yes I would love to see the game. I'm sure many people would. If it's on Friday, we could not. We have to support our kids. Move it. Move it. Move it!

Jimmy said...

Can't wait for the rematch in Nov. I just moved back to my hometown in VA and will prob drive the 4 hrs down to see the game if both are undefeated. Butler should've won the reg season game at Memorial last year. Best HS game I've seen. Mickey scores 3 td's this year. Go Bulldogs.