Monday, August 20, 2007

Bruce Hardin and Phil Williams leftovers

Here are some tidbits about Bruce Hardin (Marvin Ridge) and Phil Williams (Weddington) that did not make it into last week's Neighbors of Union County profiles on these two new football coaches:


--Hardin considers his mentors in coaching to be Bobby Ross, Mack Brown, Dick Crum and Ara Parseghian. He was an assistant under Ross for three years at Army, and worked summer camps for Brown and Crum at North Carolina. Parseghian coached at Notre Dame from 1964-74.

--Mike Yerry, a Marvin Ridge junior tight end, on Hardin: "Everything he says, it works out."

--Some of Hardin's other favorite books, in addition to "Lonesome Dove," "The Count of Monte Christo," and "To Kill a Mockingbird" include: "Animal Farm," "For Whom the Bell Tolls," and "Les Miserables."


--Williams considers himself to be a motivator who focuses on fundamentals and techniques. He leaves much of the game plans up to his assistants. "I'm not a scheme guy," he said.

--Williams is the Warriors' fourth coach in the program's eighth season since Weddington opened. "I plan on being here a long time," he said.

--Williams is drawn to an area like Weddington. "I won't coach no thugs," he said.

--Williams on motivating his players: "I think I can sell kids without any doubt that they know I care about them. Hopefully that gets them to play hard."

--When Williams retires from coaching, he hopes people say about him: "When he had good athletes, he didn't screw 'em up."

--Ben Atkinson, a senior safety, on drawing motivation from Williams as the coach copes with his son's accident: "That's harder than anything we've been through. It does inspire us."

--A few Warrior seniors said the team is much more upbeat this year than last season. They attribute that shift to the presence of Williams and other new coaches on his staff. Perhaps that will help the Warriors, who averaged several turnovers a game last year.

"He's just a lot more positive," said Stephen Efird, a senior tailback/defensive end.

"Before, it was like you were walking on egg shells," said lineman Justin Litaker. "I think (this season) we'll be more calm and just react."

"Instead of trying not to mess up, you can be more wide open," Atkinson said. "I wish I could have had four years with (Williams)."

--Joel Allen, a Warrior assistant who has known Williams since playing for him at Lancaster Buford (S.C.), is impressed with how Williams has composed himself since his son's accident. "He's handled it about as good as anybody can," Allen said.

--Assistants said Williams can get by on three-four hours of sleep a night. Come game time, he only concerns himself with getting his team ready to play. "I've never known him to be worried about another team," said Allen Plyler, the Weddington receivers coach who played for Williams at Buford.
-- Ryan Basen


Anonymous said...

What does Coach Williams mean by "thugs" and who is he refering this term to? Are High School kids "thugs"?
I hope he responds back.

Anonymous said...

It certainly sounds like that comment regarded those who attend urban, primarily African-American high schools. I believe that Weddington would not be included in said category.

I won't say what he did or did not mean, but just how I read the comment. Perhaps more was said and that part of the quote was the only part that made the blog? Where else has he coached?

Anonymous said...

Why is it automatically assumed that the term thugs is an African American slur. Coach Williams is just pure an simple; a decent man and a great motivator of kids. Give the race card a break and take it for what its' worth, he does not want to coach troublemakers, low academic achievers, or known felons. Can you blame him?

Anonymous said...

i played for coach williams 3 years ago at Waddell he doesnt mean any harm by the word "thugs". thugs to him is like kids that wont listen and want to be out on the streets and trying to bring the streets to the football field. coach williams dont play that!

Anonymous said...

Coach Williams and Coach Mac back at Waddell were the best guys to turn the thugs we had on the team into some of the most raw players i ever been round. I do find it funny though that he went from bein at what people consider a bad school and a bad part of town (Waddell and the Nations Ford Area) to one of the richest parts of the area (Weddington). Not to play the race card but he went from havin an all black team to an all white almost, that is kinda humerous to me.

Anonymous said...

Give me a bunch of "thugs" rather than a bunch of prima donnas who'll backstab their former coach in the media like this. Fourth coach in eight years eh? Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet college recruiters are just lining up to get these whiney crybabies into their programs.

Anonymous said...

Coach Williams is a good man. Read into the "thug comment" how ever you want....Black, white, whatever. Political correctness is what's killing sports today. It's nice to see some old school mentality of, "Not everyone gets a trophy........just cause". Those who read "thugs" as any more than a bad attitude kid who causes problems is a joke. Have at um coach!

Anonymous said...

In fact, colleges are recruiting about 4 of the current senior players hard. More importantly, college admissions representatives are salivating over these kids because of their grades and SAT scores. I think that's one of the reasons Williams moved there--to coach that type of kid.

Anonymous said...

hey ash-holes, more ash-holes for your suck fest ash-holes.

K. Snow #3 said...

Coach Williams was one of the best Coaches I've ever had. I played 2 years for him at Waddell. In no way shape or form was his comments racial. He treated me and the rest of my teammates who were predominantely black like we were his own sons.

Anonymous said...

wow that comment above made zero sense. Wat is an "ash-hole" exactly? Maybe you are one of the "thugs" Coach was reffering to?

Learn the english language please. I know its hard but you can at least give it a try eh?

Anonymous said...

all williams has ever done is coach thugs, everyone knows it, he favors them, him and his crybaby assistants

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